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Outstanding features of HeliaSol®

HeliaSol transforms buildings into clean solar power plants for green electricity generation. This ready-to-use solution can be used on various building surfaces. The solar film has an integrated backside adhesive, which means that it can be easily glued on the surface and can be connected and used immediately due to the integrated connection cables.

HeliaSol is the perfect solution for retrofitting buildings where restrictions in terms of weight, static load restrictions or penetration of the roof material play a role. Elaborate substructures that penetrate the roof or rear ventilation for cooling are not required. HeliaSol can be used to produce clean solar electricity on roofs or façades which normally do not allow PV solutions.

A wide variety of applications

HeliaSol offers you a wide range of possible applications on various substrates, which include glass, concrete, metal, and membranes. It has been successfully tested in over 30 worldwide pilot projects with around 2000 square meters of installed area. These include façade installations on metal, concrete and glass as well as roof installations on metal substrates or glass. Additionally, the solar films were installed on the membrane skin of an air inflated hall. Find out more about the variety of applications in our references.

HeliaSol will initially be offered in the size 436 x 2000 mm, more dimensions will be available in the future.

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SpecificationsHeliaSol® 436-2000 (preliminary data)
TechnologyOrganic photovoltaics
Power classes50 W; 55 W
DimensionL:W:H: 2000 mm x 436 mm x 1.8 mm (Height including junction box 18 mm)
AppearanceSolar film with opaque solar area and black colored edge; central junction box with cables
Weight< 2kg/m2
SurfacesMetal, Concrete, Membrane, Glass, Bitumen (other surfaces upon request)
CertificationIEC 61730, IEC 61215
Warranty5 years product warranty, 20 years performance warranty