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Application, Onboarding & FAQ’s

Have you found your dream job with us? Find out everything you need to know about applying for a job, your onboarding process and other important information about your future employer. This will make your start at Heliatek very easy!


Our application process

  • You can quickly and easily access our application portal by clicking the "Continue to Application" button. Here you can upload your application (file format PDF; max. 15 MB) and you will receive an email with a confirmation of receipt.
  • Give us a few days, after all we want to look at your application thoroughly. We'll get back to you within two weeks at the latest - we promise!
  • Now it's time for us to get to know each other personally in an interview. We will exchange information about your previous career and experience. We'll also introduce you to our corporate culture and, in some cases, you'll get the chance to meet your new team or see your future workplace on the machines.
  • We will get back to you as soon as possible and then maybe soon it will be "Welcome to Heliatek!"
  • Do you still have questions? Then you can get in touch with your HR contact at any time.

Your onboarding with us

You are curious and want to know what your first days at Heliatek will be like? Our HR department will welcome you on your first day and will always be available to you as a contact person in the initial period.  

  • On the first day we will give you a first important overview of our company. Here you will learn more about our corporate culture and our product. Afterwards, you will get to know the different departments and colleagues in a tour. Afterwards, you will be welcomed by your new team and get to know your department of responsibility in initial introductions. This way you can feel in good hands right from the start.
  • Your manager will prepare a detailed induction plan for you, through which you will learn everything about Heliatek, our products and the respective departments at your location.
  • We will evaluate your first time at Heliatek together in a feedback meeting. Even after that, your supervisor, your colleagues and the HR department are always available to answer your questions. 


Yes, this is also possible via our job portal. Please use the link for initiative applications under the list of job offers on our homepage.

Yes, all posted positions are current. As soon as the position is no longer posted, please refrain from applying. We do not have an application deadline.

Curriculum vitae, cover letter, references. Please make sure to fill in all fields of the application form and to take note of the privacy policy. This will help us to process your application faster.

All data transmitted for the application process is handled in accordance with DSGVO. Our applicant portal automatically implements the legally prescribed retention and deletion periods.

Yes, after receiving your application we will send you a confirmation. If we are missing any documents, we will contact you.

We will usually get back to you within a few days.

Interviews can be conducted both online and on-site. If we were only able to get to know you online during the first appointment, we will usually invite you to our company for a further interview. This way you can get a comprehensive picture of Heliatek.

We would be pleased if you could familiarize yourself a little with our company and product in advance. Special preparations are usually not necessary; if they are, we will let you know before the interview.

Your future supervisor and an HR colleague will be present at the interview. Depending on the position, another member of the specialist department may also take part in some interviews.

Internally, all Heliatek employees are on a first-name basis - and so is our communication on our website. During the application process, we address each other with a respectful "you" - the change to "you" then takes place when the contract is signed.

No, we do not have a general dress code.