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Joint journey into an

With our groundbreaking solar films, we're unlocking entirely new possibilities. We're expanding the potential for efficiently utilizing existing building surfaces by harmonizing sustainability, energy generation, and aesthetics in perfect balance. However, achieving this, especially on an international scale, is not something we can do alone.

Your partner benefits

Benefit from a significant expansion of your application and market potential

Gain access to the unique and highly differentiating OPV technology

Benefit from quick and easy installation by gluing

Strengthen your image as a sustainability specialist by using the greenest of all solar technologies

Types of partnerships

To expand our global presence, we are looking for different partners to serve different customers and project requirements. Whether you implement solar projects holistically or focus exclusively on installation - we would like to work with you.



Our journey towards an INDEPENDENT. GREEN. FUTURE. holds the greatest potential within existing buildings and their unused spaces. That's why we're primarily seeking partners, both domestically and internationally, who can collaborate with us to bring projects to life from start to finish – from development to full execution. Ideally, these partners have experience in the solar industry and strong connections in the B2B sector. Of course, we are also looking for experienced installation partners to install customer projects for us.



Even in extensive renovation or new construction projects, our solar films also offer completely new possibilities for making buildings more sustainable. Our solar films can be integrated directly into rooftop or façade elements as an integrative product. This integration approach enables our partners to develop completely new products and services.

"At TEPE Systemhallen, we have been building steel halls in system construction for more than 45 years and have already built more than 7,500 halls in Germany. With their extremely light weight and easy installation, Heliatek's solar films are a perfect match for our lightweight system halls. They can even be integrated into construction elements during the manufacturing process and then no longer need to be glued on site, which makes the construction of our system halls even more efficient. With the solar films, our halls become even more sustainable and our customers become clean energy generators."


Many industrial rooftops need to be renovated, but in some cases weight restrictions do not allow the installation of a conventional solar system as part of the renovation. With the unique system solution from Heliatek and Triflex, we offer an efficient and sustainable solution for roof renovation with solar upgrade - without restrictions on roof loads. 

Discover our system solution with Triflex!