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TEPE Systemhallen renews roof with HeliaSol integrated roof elements from Laukien

23th of October 2023

A very special project is currently underway in Dülmen in North Rhine-Westphalia at the company TEPE Systemhallen. The specialist for lightweight system halls is currently renovating the roofs of its company buildings and is using trapezoidal sheet metal roof elements from Laukien.

These trapezoidal sheet metal elements are perfectly suited for the HeliaSol solar foils due to their light weight and the perfect fit of the solar foils. In addition, the solar foils can be easily glued onto the metal sheets without having to drill through them for a substructure.

The result is a perfect integration of solar into existing roof structures in an extremely visually appealing form.

Find out more about TEPE Systemhallen (German):

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