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Title: Siemens Energy installs Heliatek’s innovative solar films on façade at transformer factory in Nuremberg

22th of December 2023

Siemens Energy has realized a milestone solar project at its transformer factory in Nuremberg, Germany. More than 150 HeliaSol solar films were directly glued to the upper section of a production facility's façade. Completed within an impressive three-day timeframe in September 2023, this project underscores Siemens Energy's commitment to accelerating its journey towards achieving zero-emission targets by 2030. As part of a façade refurbishment, the project leveraged the existing scaffolding to enhance efficiency and speed of  installation. Executed by a skilled four-person crew, the installation of more than 150 solar films stands as a testament to Siemens Energy Nuremberg's dedication to technology innovation and sustainability, visually exemplified on a factory's façade.

Guido van Tartwijk, CEO of Heliatek: "With our ultra-green and easy-to-install solar films, we offer the perfect solution to empower customers in transforming production facilities into independent solar power generators, regardless of shape and weight restrictions. We are thrilled that Siemens Energy has recognized the application potential of our technology supporting their zero-emission targets.“

This project exemplifies Siemens Energy's commitment to pioneering solar technologies, aligning with its ambitious goal of carbon neutrality by 2030. HeliaSol technology enables Siemens Energy to maximize the effective utilization of factory buildings for sustainable solar energy generation. Notably, this milestone project features prominently in Siemens Energy's 2023 Sustainability Report (page 54), underscoring its significance in the company's sustainability journey:

Dr. Stefan Pieper, Vice President of Large Power Transformers at Siemens Energy: "Siemens Energy stands at the forefront of the energy transition, providing both conventional and cutting-edge solutions. Projects like this innovative façade installation in Nuremberg make a clear statement that technology will drive the energy transition towards a net-zero carbon future."