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Austria's largest OPV installation at power plant Simmering in Vienna

26th of January 2024

We are extremely proud of the first OPV installation in Austria. Together with our partner SPI  Intelligence Services , we have realized a large-scale rooftop installation at Wien Energie’s power plant in Vienna Simmering. Close to 350 HeliaSol solar films have been installed with metal sheets on a corrugated rooftop on a  storage facility of the power plant. The lightweight HeliaSol solar films were the perfect choice due to the load capacity of the building.

Lars-Oliver Schröder, Head of Sales & Marketing Heliatek: “A big THANK YOU to our partner SPI Intelligence Services for this wonderful project. Wien Energy GmbH is fascinated with our solution designed to enable ultra-green power generation on virtually any building surface .

Martin Ruzicka, CTO SPI Intelligence: “As Heliatek’s proud partner, we want to bring the innovative solar films to Austria to enable more customers to become energy independent with the greenest of all solar technologies. This largest installation in Austria is just the start of more projects with the innovative solar films made in Dresden.