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Ground-breaking OPV installation on undulating rooftops in the Port of Barcelona

2nd of March 2023

The inauguration of 29.5 kWp solar project on February 28th at the Port of Barcelona is a shining example of how we can harness the power of innovation and sustainability to build a better future. With 584 of Heliatek's innovative solar films being installed on undulating rooftops of three port facility buildings by the project developer COMSA Corporación, the innovative OPV installation proves that even unconventional building structures can become green electricity generators. The installation, which was completed in February 2023, has been realized within the LIFE BIPV project and co-funded by the LIFE programme of the European Commission. The installation will generate ultra-green electricity while reducing the carbon footprint of the port.

Guido van Tartwijk, CEO of Heliatek:

"This project at the Port of Barcelona is not just beautiful, it's a game-changer. Heliatek's innovative solar films have transformed three undulating rooftops into ultra-green electricity generators, seamlessly integrating into the existing port landscape. The success of this project demonstrates the unimaginable potential for generating electricity in new and unconventional ways. It's the largest installation of its kind on non-straight building shapes, and we are immensely proud to showcase the power and versatility of our solar films once again. With this project, we're making a real difference in reducing the carbon footprint of the port and inspiring a more sustainable future for us all."

Here are some key facts about the installation:

Project: LIFE BIPV
Partners: Heliatek, COMSA Corporación, COMSA Industrial, COMSA
Location: Port of Barcelona, Spain
Facilities: 3 port facility rooftops 
Number of solar films: 584 HeliaSol® 436-2000
Total installed capacity: 29.5 kWp 
Total size of the installation: 509 m²
Completion date: February 2023
Funding: EU LIFE Programme