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The new solar solution

We have designed a solar film based on organic photovoltaic technology. This enables us to produce solar films, which are ultra-light, flexible, ultra thin and truly green. Through its integrated backside adhesive, the solar films can easily be glued to various surfaces and with their solar connectors easily be installed in a solar system. 

Every building can generate its own electricity

Even solar technology is already a mainstream electricity generation technology, still almost 98% of all global available rooftop surfaces are not used for solar power generation. There is a huge locked potential that we can now acces with our solar films, such as building structures that require a lightweight solution or building materials that cannot be penetrated. 


Joint journey into an INDEPENDENT. GREEN. FUTURE.

With our groundbreaking solar films, we're unlocking entirely new possibilities. We're expanding the potential for efficiently utilizing existing building surfaces by harmonizing sustainability, energy generation, and aesthetics in perfect balance. However, achieving this, especially on an international scale, is not something we can do alone.

More about partners

Proven installations world-wide

Our innovative solar films are used globally and demonstrate the various application possibilities. 

The World’s most Powerful OPV Façade at SAIT

September 2022 & May 2023

  • 621 m²

    Total area

  • 37.7 kWp

    Total capacity

  • 712

    Total films

  • Gyeonggi-do Republic of Korea

    Installation location

Undulating Rooftop Installation at Port of Barcelona

Port de Barcelona

  • 509 m²

    Total area

  • 29.5 kWp

    Total capacity

  • 584

    Total films

  • Barcelona, Spain

    Installation location

Façade Installation on Logistic Facility in Berlin


Rooftop installation with Heliatek products in Germany
  • 476 m²

    Total area

  • 18 kWp

    Total capacity

  • 546

    Total films

  • Berlin, Germany

    Installation location

Towards zero-carbon electricity

We are offering solar energy with an ultra-low carbon footprint of less than 10 g CO2e/kWh, which makes our solar films one of the greenest energy sources of today. The electricity generated from our solar films is 50 times greener than the grid mix and 100 times greener than coal fired electricity generation. 

Local-for-local solar production

We produce our solar fims in an efficient and innovative roll-to-roll production in Dresden on a compact 5,000 mproduction area. We have developed a high-tech manufacturing ecosystem, that allows us to localize production close to the markets around the world. With our more than 250 employees we can produce up to 2 Mio mof solar films per year in Dresden. 

5.000 m2
Production Floor Area

>2 Mio m2
Maximum Capacity Factory/year