Our product

Meet HeliaSol®: made in Germany

The perfect choice if you are looking for unique solar energy solutions for the building industry.

HeliaSol®: Ready-to-use Solar Module

Fast installation.

Ultra-light, ultra-thin, and flexible

For buildings not suitable for conventional solar technologies. 

Truly green

Renewable and Organic Photo-Voltaic solution without the usual toxic heavy metals such as lead or cadmium.

Efficient OPV technology for instant CO₂ reduction

Patented technology and Made in Germany.

Standard sizes and customizable sizes on request

Available with and without junction box (HeliaFilm®) .

Perfect industrial-grade

Beautifully combining design, quality and functionality.

Our benefits

  • World’s first high-quality vacuum roll-to-roll production
  • Easy-to-clean
  • Temperature independent efficiency
  • Ideal for vertical installations
  • Minimum static considerations
  • No mounting system needed

Even more benefits

  • No rear cooling needed
  • No wind load issues
  • Several supported substrates
  • Standard solar accessories usable
  • Legal warranties
  • Future-proof for possible CO₂ taxes
  • Ideal for unidirectional bent surfaces

Join the future in solar technology.