Your organic solar film solution

Join the global leader in green and clean solar technology for buildings


The solar solution for buildings

If you are looking for a unique solar energy solution for the building industry, HeliaSol® is your perfect choice. Our solar film supports a wide variety of building surfaces; from horizontal to vertical and even non-flat. We offer a variety of HeliaSol® sizes and customize on request.


Easy to install

Ultra-light, ultra-thin, flexible, efficient and truly green - our organic solar films combine outstanding features, functionality, and innovative design all in one product. We have been awarded one of the world’s most innovative companies, and our patented products show for it.

World’s first industrial-grade organic solar film

Clean and green

With HeliaSol® you choose clean and green energy with an ultra-low carbon footprint and hassle-free and environmentally friendly disposal.

For buildings

Our solar technology enables buildings to go energy neutral, even those not suitable for conventional solar systems.

Patented technology

Our patented technology makes HeliaSol® the first industrial-grade organic photovoltaics (OPV) solution.

The future is ours

As the global technology leader in the field of OPV, we aim to shape a sustainable and carbon-free solar future.

Your world leader in organic photovoltaics

We create solutions by delivering sustainable and innovative OPV products. Join us in the urban world of tomorrow and have an insight into the world of Heliatek and its unique products.