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Chemistry knowledge

Heliatek’s unique organic chemistry knowledge allows us to optimize the electricity generation yield of the active layer in our product, while minimizing the losses in the surrounding protective layers.

We achieve this by addressing both material composition and processing conditions. Heliatek’s vision is to bring industrial-grade OPV to the global market, with state-of-the art reliability and robustness.

43 awarded patent families

Heliatek is the globally recognized leader in organic photovoltaics. With 43 awarded patent families and counting, Heliatek continues to build further on the foundations laid by its founders.

Today, our team of experts has a cumulative relevant experience of over 500 years and we works across various R&D programs with our founders, either within Heliatek or with our partner universities.

The Heliatek team stands out for its expertise and key persons

Dr. Martin Pfeiffer (co-founder and former CTO) and Professor Dr. Karl Leo (co-founder and Head of the IAPP institute affiliated to the TU Dresden) built the foundation on which Heliatek stands today. For their outstanding achievements in the research and development of organic electronics, they received in 2011 the ‘Deutscher Zukunftspreis’, the Prize of the German President for Innovation and Technology.

Of the original founders, Dr Martin Pfeiffer and Dr.Bert Männig are presently still with Heliatek, and work in unison with our current Chief Technology Officer Dr. Jan Birnstock who continues to develop on their legacy and beyond. As an internationally recognized expert in the field of organic electronics with over 21 years of experience in the OLED industry, he is in an ideal position to lead the way of Heliatek’s future technology.

Industrial scale producing

A deep understanding of the physics and chemistry of materials and processes is essential in bringing our solutions to industrial scale production. Therefore Heliatek has teamed up with world-leading equipment vendors and is in the final stage of completing the world’s first high-volume ‘roll-to-roll’ production line in vacuum.

The in-vacuum processing is essential to deliver reliable and efficient product, while roll-to-roll enables high-volume film production. Our first factory will produce up to one million square meters per year.

Innovation with clients

Together with ACCIONA ENERGY, Heliatek has realized a groundbreaking ‘landmark’ OPV installation: 120 flexible organic photovoltaic films have been installed on a wind turbine tower in the Breña Wind Farm (Albacete, Spain) to support the consumption of the turbine auxiliary systems. This installation heralds the start of a planned cooperation between the Energy Division of ACCIONA and Heliatek.

Our clients

ENGIE aspires to lead the energy transition in Europe. We are convinced that solar energy will play an important role. In Heliatek we have found a partner that can offer interesting and innovative solar solutions with which we can benefit our customers. We want to meet the growing demand of customers for buildings with zero CO2 emissions and the lowest possible energy bills. The costs of these new photovoltaic films are falling all the time and we believe that they can be profitable without any subsidies.

Philippe BuxantResearch and Technologies Department ENGIE

As I-SUN, we have worked since our inception to make solar energy a part of our daily lives. By developing innovative ideas with solar energy, our primary goal is to provide Turkey with the most effective and long-term solutions. By the advancement of our work and the increase of our investments we will make an important and above all lasting contribution to our national economy.

Veysel SarıkayaVice President of I-SUN

In order to place a saleable product, in conjunction with Heliatek, in the coming years, we are now entering the next phase with customer trials. In concrete terms, we are working on simple concepts for assembly and electrical installation, which, in addition to higher yields and a resource-saving production, can be a further advantage over conventional photovoltaic technology.

Carl-Ernst GiestingHead of B2B at Innogy SE

We are studying a number of emerging photovoltaic technologies as it seeks to lead the adoption of more efficient solutions and grow as a solar developer. ACCIONA believes that organic photovoltaics have one of the best improvement curves in terms of technological efficiency, so the company has decided to pilot the technology.

Belén LinaresEnergy Innovation Director, ACCIONA ENERGY

Work with high-profile partners

Share experiences, strengthen competencies and enter new markets. Thanks to a variety of cooperation agreements, Heliatek has access to a unique global network of expertise from leading industrial companies and research institutes. Currently, we are focusing on knowledge projects together with, among others, Holst Centre and TU Dresden.


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Heliatek investors are renowned financial and industrial companies that support our business and technology development with their industry expertise. Their long-term interest demonstrates their trust in our technology as well as our business model. Their support enables us to propel our vision of the solar future forward.


Heliatek has received several prestigious awards and recognitions, amongst others:

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