Solar Films by Heliatek - perfectly combining design and functionality

Where conventional solar technologies cannot be used

Ultra-light, ultra-thin, flexible and truly green – our organic solar films combine these outstanding features and individual design in one product.


exhibiting minimum radius of 10 cm


with an extremely low weight of less than 1 kg/m²*


* valid for HeliaFilm®


less than 1mm thin solar film*


* valid for HeliaFilm®


achieving up to 30 % light transmission with 6 % efficiency 


Flexible dimensions in lengths, from 0.3m to 6.0m


Numerous colors

Possible in shades of blue, green and gray


Leading: OPV world record of 13.2% cell efficiency*


* In production, we currently achieve 7-8 %

Solar Films by Heliatek

Superior low light perfomance

Perfect for façades – even at non-optimal orientation. Up to 25% * more energy output at low light levels. 



* compared to crystalline technology under comparable conditions

Stable high temperature behaviour

Leading to high energy output even in hot climates and within applications having little ventilation


* compared to crystalline technology under comparable conditions

Truly green

Only 1 gram / m² of organic materials is required for the production of our solar films. Furthermore no toxic materials or heavy metals are used in the production process, permitting easy recycling of the films at the end
of their life.

Cost effective

To produce 1 m2 of our solar films, we need only 1 gram of organic material and a max. process temperature of 120°C.

The investment and operation costs are much lower than any crystalline or other thin film technologies.

Unique roll-to-roll production

Learn about the new technology and the advantages of the clean, green and highly efficient production of HeliaFilm® and HeliaSol®.



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