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Small molecules with big impact, based on tandem cell technology

Patented multilayer stack architecture

The reasons for Heliatek’s competitive advantage lie in the fundamental patents covering the production of multilayer, organic molecule-based solar cells with doped transport layers. Using this proprietary architecture, it is possible to efficiently absorb a broad solar spectrum, even in the infrared range, while still using extremely thin layers.

Multilayer stack architecture

The tandem cell: two solar cells stacked on top of each other. The active layers are only around 250 nm thick.

HeliaFilm® and HeliaSol®

Depending on the application we offer different product solutions.


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HeliaFilm® - Enabling active building-elements

HeliaFilm® can be integrated as an active layer into construction materials. As HeliaFilm® is light and flexible it fits perfectly on large area building elements such as steel-sandwich or concrete panels.

HeliaSol® - Energizing existing buildings

HeliaSol® will be the certified stand-alone solar product. Equipped with a self-adhesive back, it becomes a ready-to-use solution for existing buildings in energetic renovation projects.

Have a look at the quick & easy installation of HeliaSol® here:

Installation of HeliaSol®

Off the roll

Our organic solar films are currently available in a width of 0.3m and lengths up to 6.0 m.

Contacting and Dimensioning

The solar film can be connected with various designs of junction boxes on both front and back. It is part of our customer approach to choose the ideal electrical connection for your specific application.

Colors and transparency

By modifying the absorber molecules and changing the thickness of the various active and conductive layers, it is possible to adapt the color and the transparency of HeliaFilm® and HeliaSol®. The colors below give an indication of the available range.

Efficiency and lifespan

We already hold the world record of 13,2 % cell efficiency for opaque (non-transparent) organic solar cells. In production, we currently achieve 6-7 %.

The 2nd generation films (available from 2020) will have a 5 year product warranty and a 20 year performance warranty.

Research and development work, as well as the installation of production technology, have been funded by the Free State of Saxony, the Federal Republic of Germany and the European Union.

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