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Outstanding features of HeliaFilm® 

HeliaFilm is our organic solar film for your integration solutions of the future. Give your product a completely new functionality through the integration of our solar film and develop novel building materials of the future together with us. Whether in glass, concrete, membranes, or metal, as a façade solution or integrated into a roof - there are virtually no limits of possible applications. First integration products from our development partners are planned for 2023.


Customized solution for your integration product

HeliaFilm, the core of our organic solar technology, is an ultra-thin, flexible, and ultra-light solar film that is perfectly suited for integration into a wide range of products. We can meet the various requirements of our partners and thus offer a customized product. This means that we can provide different dimensions, integrate different protective functions (e.g., weather protection) or adapt the electrical contacting to the special requirements of the customer. Dimensions with a maximum width of 1.3 m and length of 14 m as well as different shades of color and transparency levels are technically possible. This gives us a high degree of adaptability for our customers to integrate our films into their product in the best possible way.


Ultra-Light, Flexible & Ultra-Thin

HeliaFilm is ultra-light – it weighs less than 1 kg per square meter due to its special structure comprising lightweight plastic films and an organic photovoltaic layer that is only a few hundred nanometers thick. The film is less than 1 mm thick and can be bent up to a radius of 10 cm. This means that HeliaFilm can be integrated into a variety of products without causing significant changes in shape, weight and dimensions of the integration product.


Truly Green

HeliaFilm is based on organic photovoltaics – the cleanest solar technology – and is therefore one of the greenest of all electricity generating technologies. Our efficient roll-to-roll production process uses extremely small quantities of material and does not use rare earth elements and toxic heavy metals such as lead or cadmium. Learn more about other sustainability aspects, such as the ultra-low carbon footprint and the fast payback time for energy and greenhouse gas emissions (Energy Payback Time and Carbon Payback Time).

Many varied application possibilities

Integration in glass surfaces

Almost 500 million window units are installed worldwide every year. Until now, these building surfaces could be used for sustainable energy generation to a very limited extent, due to the lack of suitable glass integration solutions for solar power generation. HeliaFilm provides you with the perfect solution to equip your glass product with an additional solar function, offering a really innovative product. In addition to generating electricity, it also reflects heat and thus contributes reducing heat build-up in buildings. Thanks to its low thickness, HeliaFilm can be integrated between glass panes using the sandwich principle. Additionally, it can be manufactured in different dimensions depending on the glass product. In the future the option of color variation and transparency will create many more applications in the field of glass integration.


Additional integration approaches

The application possibilities of HeliaFilm are almost unlimited. This means that other building materials can also become green electricity producers without impairing their basic form, weight and original function. With a weight of less than 1 kg/m², static requirements for the integration product can almost be neglected. HeliaFilm does not require any special rear ventilation and can therefore be fully integrated. We have already tested a variety of integration approaches, including integration with concrete, metal or even membranes.

Are you interested in the development of an integration solution?

We aim to be a competent and experienced partner when it comes to customized integration solutions for our customers. Our team of experts will be happy to assist and advise you on all technical, legal and sales issues.


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