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Heliatek and SVK Win Prize for Best New Product at LOPEC 2016


active building facade element by Heliatek & SVK

Dresden, Germany – 21th April 2016 – Heliatek and SVK are proud to announce that they won the “Best New Product” category at the 2016 OE-A competition. With this award, the Organic and Printed Electronics Association (OE-A) recognizes innovative concepts and products illustrating the various possibilities for the application of organic and printed electronics. The products and demonstrators were showcased at the LOPEC, the international trade fair and conference for printed electronics, in Munich, Germany.

The active building façade element was developed by Heliatek and its partner SVK, a leading manufacturer of fiber cement, enabling a new generation of “Building Integrated OPV” (BIOPV). The world’s first building façade element using large area HeliaFilm® in combination with fiber cement panels features unique advantages, namely low weight and flexible dimensional design. It allows clean energy production on durable façade elements, as required by EU building directive 2020 for net-zero-energy buildings.

Growing urbanization and global CO2 reduction targets are calling for new energy efficient buildings, which require widespread usage of BIPV solutions. The current BIPV products are not yet mass-marketable and are often limited to prestige building projects. This new low weight, large area Heliatek/SVK product, based on pre-fabricated fiber cement elements with fully integrated HeliaFilm® provides a wide range of design freedom (color, size, form factor), a high degree of aesthetic appeal and ease of installation. These elements generate electricity efficiently in building façades and feature low total project costs.

SVK and Heliatek are already in the design phase of the next step, a pilot project in Belgium, which will showcase the newly created building façade elements in late 2016.



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