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Our new website – more informative, fresh and intuitive

3rd of March 2021

The vision of a green future, where our organic solar films turn every building into a net-zero energy building, continuously inspire our teams to develop our new generation of innovative solar films. With HeliaSol, our first organic solar film will be available to the market in Spring 2021. For our customers, this means that the vision is starting to become reality.

To highlight this important step on our journey, we have created our website in a fresh design, with new, valuable content and improved usability. Our new website simply reflects much better what we do, for whom we do it and who we are.

Three key visuals are the heart of the website. Firstly, "Infinite Possibilities", which takes up the wide range of possible applications, secondly, "Ingenious Simplicity", which focuses on the user-friendliness of our HeliaSol solar film and thirdly, "Leading Sustainability", as we provide the greenest of all solar technologies.

Beside the design, we added more valuable content to the website including detailed information on our products, the technology, our references or the increasing aspect of sustainability. As a good example, you will find in the section “References” a list of more than 30 pilot projects worldwide in a compact form.

Guido van Tartwijk, CEO of Heliatek: “2021 is a milestone in Heliatek's history, where we will bring our organic solar films to the market. Our new website with fresh design and valuable content will be the center of our corporate communication and therefore an important connection to our customers and supports.”

Click to explore the new website under the familiar address: