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Here you will find our FAQ topics at a glance. Click on an area and find out about our products, our technology and our company.

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Application of the films

How is the film used?

Our organic solar films are designed for building integration and application, e.g. on facades or roofs. Our focus is on large-area applications on industrial and commercial buildings such as industrial warehouses or logistics centers.

Small applications, e.g. for mobile devices or bags, as well as the use of films as roller shutters or awnings or, use of films in the automotive sector (caravans, trucks, etc.) will be served at a later date.

I have a surface that I would like to equip with organic solar films. What can I do?

Please note that we are only active in the B2B sector, and do not deliver to private persons. If you are interested in our products as an entrepreneur, please use the form below to submit your contact details and to introduce the desired application.

Solar film data

What sizes are your films available in?

Our 1st generation solar films have a minimum length of 360 mm (maximum 9 m) and a fixed width of 322-338 mm.

With the start of serial production in beginning of 2020, we will be able to offer 2nd generation films. These will be produced in lengths from 1 m to 14 m and widths from 400 mm to 1200 mm.

Smaller sizes are not available.

Can I bend, fold or cut the films?

The films can be bent up to a diameter of 200 mm. Do not fold or cut the films! Please follow the enclosed handling instructions within the operating manual.

Which colors and degrees of transparency of films are available?

We can adjust both the colours and the degree of transparency of our films in our lab. In serial production, the focus is on the production of dark blue-grey opaque films, as the energy output is higher there than in comparison to transparent or colored solutions.

Production variations  regarding color and transparency of the films are planned for a later date, after 2020.

What is the efficiency of the films? What is the performance rate of the films?

Our films currently achieve an aperture efficiency of approx. 6 % and a power density of ~55 W/m². The second-generation films, available in 2020, will achieve an aperture efficiency of approx. 8-10%. The power density will increase over 50% up to ~85 W/m². These do not take into account the harvesting factor that includes e.g. the slightly positive temperature coefficient.

What guarantee is given on the films? Is the product certified? According to which standards were the solar films certified?

Films of the first generation from our pilot plant are exposed to production and material test-related fluctuations and are therefore not certified. The solar films are sold into pilot projects without further guarantees or warranties. For generation 2, available in 2020, we strive for the standard photovoltaic certifications. This will include the certification according to IEC 61730 (safety certification), IEC 61215 (durability and lifetime certification) as well as other safety relevant certification such as local fire codes and the CE-marking (electro-technical safety).

The product and performance guarantees will be adapted to the customary PV-market standards. Solar films of generation 2 will hold a 5 year product warranty (warranty against product failures) and 20 year performance guarantee (guaranteed minimum performance of 80% after 20 years lifetime).

Once we have certified our product, the relevant information will be available here.

Where can I find technical data or product data sheets for the solar films?

Information on product specifications and distribution channels will be communicated towards the end of 2019. At that point you can also download product data sheets from our website.

What is the difference between HeliaFilm® and HeliaSol®?

HeliaSol® is our ready-to-use solar film. It has a self-adhesive backing for quick and easy installation. The flexible film has a junction box for electrical connections, and can be manufactured to customer specifications in length and width. HeliaSol® is currently not certified. Certification is planned for the 2nd generation film in 2020.  

HeliaFilm® is an organic solar film that can be integrated as a semi-finished product in or on building materials, such as metal panels, sandwiched elements, or membranes. HeliaFilm® can be supplied as a roll, or as a piece, and adapted to the customer's specification. The certification of the finished product is the responsibility of the integrator.

Purchasing the films

When can I buy the films?

We currently have a limited production capacity, which is reserved for our partners, ongoing projects and the production of prototypes and demos. With the start of our serial production – planned in 2020 – we can offer you certified products through our partners. Product specifications and distribution channels will be announced by the end of 2019.

Where can I buy the films?

Since we are exclusively active in the B2B sector, we do not supply (private) individuals.

HeliaFilm® is available directly from Heliatek for our product development partners. HeliaSol®, the ready-to-use solar film, can be purchased from our distribution partners.

Do you have sales partners?

Together with selected sales partners, we are currently preparing for market entry in 2019/2020. You will find more information here soon.

How much do the organic solar films cost? Do you have a price list, a catalogue?

As our products are custom designed, price will be provided on a case by case basis.

Can I get samples?

Due to limited production capacity, we reserve the right to primarily supply our cooperation partners. Unfortunately, we cannot support other areas of application or individual lighthouse projects at the moment.

About Heliatek

What does Heliatek do?

Heliatek creates nanomaterials and develops, manufactures and sells organic solar films. The company was founded in 2006. Today approx. 130 employees work at the main location in Dresden, and in the chemical laboratory in Ulm.

Can I invest in Heliatek?

We are still a privately held company. If you are a corporate investor and are interested to participate in our next financing round, please send your inquiry at:

What is BIOPV?

BIOPV=Building Integrated Organic Photovoltaic refers to the integration of organic photovoltaic elements into the building exteriors, such as roof surfaces or façades.

For more information, see:



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