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Application of HeliaSol onto metal roof with

World´s largest BiOPV installation with HeliaSol® in La Rochelle, France

In autumn 2017, the largest BIOPV installation to date was inaugurated in La Rochelle, France. Together with our investor Engie and the department Charentes Maritimes, approx. 500 m² of HeliaSol® solar films were installed on the roof of Pierre Mendes France middle school. With an annual yield of approx. 23.8 MWh, about 15 % of the school's annual electricity requirements can be covered.

  • Realized in November 2017
  • 22.5 kWp installed capacity
  • Nearly 400 films in three different lengths of 2 m, 4 m and 5.7 m were applied.
  • To install 500 m² of HeliaSol®, the team of 6 people needed only 8 hours. This proves the simple and quick installation of HeliaSol® and verifies the perfect fit for installation on existing buildings without additional effort.

See it for yourself and have a look at the installation process in the video:

Installation HeliaSol

Development of solar active glass with

AGC Glass Europe


Energy output and performance
at a glance:

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First BIOPV installation on Heliatek´s company building in Dresden

In 2014 HeliaFilm® was installed for the first time at Heliatek’s Dresden headquarters. It has been laminated into glass by AGC Glass Europe, the European branch of AGC (the world’s largest producer of flat glass) and a long-term strategic business partner of Heliatek.

  • Integration of HeliaFilm® into flat glass sheets
  • North-East orientation
  • Realized in August 2014
  • 1 kWp installed power
  • Demonstrates excellent low-light behavior under non-optimal orientation and aesthetic integration into glass façade
  • So far up more than 20% higher energy yield than a comparable traditional solar installation

HeliaFilm® part of the "Energy Façade" project of

Lechwerke AG Augsburg


HeliaFilm® part of energy façade project

As part of the "Energy Façade" project of Lechwerke AG in Augsburg, a partial façade was equipped with the organic solar film - HeliaFilm®. Integrated on white fibre cement elements from the Belgian manufacturer SVK, a total of 56 m² of HeliaFilm® were installed on the façade. The façade demonstrates how an energetic and visual upgrading of existing buildings can be realized using Heliatek's solar films.

  • Realized in October 2017
  • South-Southwest orientation
  • 2.43 kWp installed capacity
  • Test platform for the comparison of classical and organic photovoltaics

Development of solar active steel panels with

First time installation of organic solar film on biogas plant with innogy

For the first time in a project two forms of renewable energy production have been combined in a new way. Besides the production of bio-methane, the biogas plant of innogy in Bergheim-Paffendorf, Germany is used for a pilot installation of the organic solar film by Heliatek.

About 95 square meters of HeliaFilm® have been installed directly on profiled steel panels of the fermenter façade. This is a world first for such a technology approach.The light weight of HeliaFilm® is a key advantage since it makes installation on existing façades possible. The influence of statics of a building, especially in comparison to other technologies, is negligible.

  • Integration of HeliaFilm® on profiled steel façade panels
  • South-West and South-East orientation
  • Start in June 2016
  • 5,40 kWp installed power
  • The vertical mounting of the HeliaFilm® emphasize it´s unique properties: the superior low light performance enables a stable energy output in a non-optimal orientation
  • The high temperature behavior of the film allows the direct application to the façade structure without requiring extra ventilation


Application of solar active fiber cement panels & glass with

Energy update for the façade in Belgium

Together with Heliatek, ENGIE decided to retrofit the façades of the Group's research centre, ENGIE Laborelec, in Linkebeek, for a new project involving the installation of HeliaFilm®. Heliatek developed the façade elements with its partners AGC and SVK, installing Heliatek solar films in two locations: directly on the SVK fibre cement façade elements on the south side of the ENGIE Laborelec building, and integrated into the AGC windows at the entrance to the building. An installation such as this shows how electricity generation can be combined with enhancement of the aesthetics and appearance of existing façades.

  • Integration of HeliaFilm® on fiber cement elements on 50 square meter together with SVK & integration into glass with AGC
  • South-orientation
  • Realized in March 2017
  • 2,3 kWp installed power
  • Comprehensive data analysis via online measurement


Development of solar active steel panels with

First large BIOPV project on African continent with Kandil Steel

Heliatek has implemented, with its partner Kandil Steel, its first Building integrated Organic Photovoltaic (BIOPV) pilot project in Africa. In this installation, the opaque HeliaFilm® has a custom length of 2.5m and are combined with steel as an integrated building material. This Installation represents a first test project for further steel applications by Kandil Steel.

  • Integration of HeliaFilm® on steel façade panels
  • South-West orientation
  • Start in June 2016
  • Focus: Egypt´s hot and sunny weather conditions are ideal for HeliaFilm® due to its excellent high temperature perfomance, leading to outstanding energy harvesting results


Development of metal façade elements with

Hoesch Bausysteme GmbH


HeliaFilm® meets steel elements from Hoesch Bausysteme

In a first step of the joint product development, Hoesch Bausysteme installed a test façade at its own premises in Kreuztal. The organic solar film HeliaFilm® was integrated into the so-called "Siding" elements from Hoesch. The "Siding" elements are steel façade elements that can be used in a variety of applications and are used for ventilated curtain wall façade systems. The installation serves as a test object within the BMWi-funded joint project "PVme".

  • Realized in September 2017
  • South-west orientation
  • Approx. 35 m² HeliaFilm®
  • Testing of the elements under real operating conditions

Development of solar active façades with


Asia’s largest BIOPV installation vTrium Energy, Singapore

Heliatek’s organic solar film, HeliaFilm®, will be the core part of this test-bed platform for investigation of new sustainable, urban-fit technologies. HeliaFilm® will be installed on more than 200m² with a peak power of up to 10 kWp. Three different parts of buildings in JTCs Cleantech Park 1 and 2 and the Seletar Aerospace walkway will be covered with solar films. HeliaFilm® will be combined with various building materials: within and on glass and on metal. Several versions of HeliaFilm® will be used: full power opaque, transparent and different colors.

  • Integration of HeliaFilm® into glass and on metal on more than 200 square meters
  • North | North-West orientation
  • Start in July 2015
  • Approx. 10 kWp planned power
  • Demonstrates significant energy harvesting in tropical conditions
  • No special ventilation/cooling system required unlike conventional PV solutions

Development of solar active PVC membrane with

Pilot project for energy self-sufficient air dome with PARANET Germany, Berlin

Successfully installed solar film, HeliaFilm®, on a PVC-based membrane air dome in Berlin, Germany. The project was implemented together with PARANET Germany, a leading provider of air domes and an important industry partner. PARANET is producing air domes for sport, events or emergency accommodations supporting humanitarian aid missions. The size of the air domes varies from 18 x 18 meters up to 200 x 100 meters.

  • Integration of HeliaFilm® into PVC membrane
  • South orientation
  • Realized in November 2014
  • 1,4 kWp installed power
  • Demonstrates flexible and thin film for energy harvesting on lightweight structures
  • Energy being used for lighting and ventilation system of the air dome
  • Reduces simultaneously the heat transfer into the dome thus improving the living conditions for the inhabitants

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