Roof integrated solar systems for a better CO2 balance.

Increase the efficiency of cars – reduce carbon emission

We enable OEM partners to integrate transparent power generation, which will become a key factor for carbon emission reduction in the automotive industry. In addition, HeliaFilm® can increase the temperature comfort level of cars by powering active ventilation while parking.

Solar active car roof

Roof integrated solar systems for a better CO2 balance.

Charging battery - for reduced fuel consumption

Increase the comfort level through continuous cabin ventilation and support HVAC system for faster cool-down cycles. Protect the cabin from heating through innovative materials embedded within our solar film. Electrical devices and radar sensors can operate while parking, without affecting battery charge, thanks to HeliaFilm®.

Power generating box

Organic solar films can support the climatization of trucks. Peaks of power consumption can be shaved, which helps to improve the efficiency of the engine.

Cars of tomorrow

Reduce your carbon footprint and improve the CO2 balance with the solar film from Heliatek.

Transparent film for car roofs for UV protection and solar power generation. Future emission free cars might have a bodywork fully covered with organic photovoltaic technology.


Ultra-light, thin and highly efficient

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