HeliaFilm® perfectly combines design and functionality

Where conventional solar technologies cannot be used, HeliaFilm® fills the gap!

Ultra-light, less than 1mm thin, flexible, colorful, transparent and high energy output – HeliaFilm® combines these outstanding features and individual design in one product.


exhibiting minimum radius of 10 cm


with an extremely low weight of less than 1 kg/m²


less than 1mm thin solar film


achieving up to 50 % light transmission with 6 % efficiency 


Flexible dimensions in lengths, from 0.3m to 2.0m


( >2m upon request )

Numerous colors

Possible in shades of blue, green and gray


Leading OPV: 13.2% efficiency


Superior low light perfomance

Perfect for façades – even at non-optimal orientation. Up to 25% * more energy output at low light levels. 



* compared to crystalline technology under comparable conditions

Stable high temperature behaviour

Leading to high energy output even in hot climates and within applications having little ventilation


* compared to crystalline technology under comparable conditions

Truly green

There are no toxic materials in the clean production process and in the end-product. Of all solar technologies, it has lowest energy used in manufacturing with a payback time within 3 months. HeliaFilm® is easily recycled at the end of its life.

Cost effective

To produce 1 m2 of HeliaFilm®, we need only 1 gram of organic material and a max. process temperature of 120°C.

The investment and operation costs are much lower than any crystalline or other thin film technologies.

Unique roll-to-roll production

Learn about the new technology and the advantages of the clean, green and highly efficient production of HeliaFilm®.



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Join us in the urban world of tomorrow. Have an insight into the world of Heliatek and its unique product.


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