Innovative sustainable building facades become efficient solar energy harvesters

Solar Active Building Envelopes Powered by HeliaFilm®

The façade of high-rise buildings offers much larger surface area for generating power than the roof. HeliaFilm® is the ideal solution for building integrated organic photovoltaic installations (BIOPV). Because it is ultra-light, thin, highly efficient and flexible, Heliatek´s solar films can be directly integrated into the façade while no extra cooling or ventilation system is needed. Generate power with your façade!

New Solar Aesthetics for Smart Cities

Concrete structures will be enhanced with HeliaFilm® to generate power and, at the same time, keep an aesthetical appeal.

"Heliatek’s leading OPV technology is working perfectly in combination with the concrete façade application for BIPV, since it is ultra-light, thin and highly efficient."
Dr. Thomas Bickl, VP Sales & Product Development

Constantly expanding our application space

Glass, concrete, aluminum, steel, foil, polymer sheets or PVC membranes -  HeliaFilm® can be combined with many different building materials. Thanks to its homogeneous surface and thin design of less than 1 mm, HeliaFilm® can be aesthetically integrated into many applications especially in the areas of building integrated organic photovoltaic (BIOPV). Heliatek is constantly seeking additional industry partners to cover various new material applications: Join our network!

Targeted Materials

PVC Membrane
PVC Membrane
Polymer Sheets
Polymer Sheets

A less-than perfect location is perfect for us: Superior energy harvesting behavior

Its superior low light perfomance and excellent high temperature stability makes HeliaFilm® the material of choice for a number of BIPV applications. The harvested power remains strong even under less-than-ideal mounting conditions that often occur in BIPV applications. 

Urban fit: Seamless integration into architecture

The transparent version of HeliaFilm® can be applied to almost any glass façade and maintain its aesthetic appeal.

Transparency and power generation

Transparent solar films with up to 50 % transparency will open up new potential applications. Fully glazed office buildings will get a sun blocking function and deliver energy simultaneously. Architectural glass panels and windows incorporating HeliaFilm® enable electricity generation by the outside envelope of a building. The balance between light transmission and electricity generated can be adjusted to suit the application.

Ultra-light solar energy

HeliaFilm® is the ideal solution for lightweight structures like air domes.

Energy producing façade will pay off

Compared to conventional solar technology on the roof, building façades usually offer a larger surface to generate solar energy. Depending on the location, the different orientations and possible shading, the power generation of your building can be optimized with different versions, colors and transparency levels of HeliaFilm®.

Industrial buildings get green

Improve your CO2 balance with HeliaFilm® and generate green energy with your building envelope.

Only a normal façade?

Building façades get more and more multi-functional. They not only are the skin of a building and follow aesthetic requirements, but they now include additional features such as active sun protection, smart ventilation systems or distributed power generation. These sensors and components can be operated by the electricity generated by HeliaFilm®.


Ultra-light, thin and highly efficient

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